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We have a proud history of serving all of the Hill Country’s children in foster care. Each year, in about half of these cases, the parents’ rights are terminated and the child is left with no option to return to their biological parents’ home. These children are in permanent managing conservatorship of the State of Texas until a caring relative or other individual is found to take them in – which can take years.

In these cases, the CASA volunteer is the only steady adult in the child’s life. These children typically move from placement to placement (in some cases more than 10 times). With each placement change come new caregivers, caseworkers, therapists, and friends.

Think about a child you know; and then the support system of nuclear and extended family, friends, school, that surround them and help them to know they are deserving of love. We take for granted the outpouring of love and support for the children in our lives. Foster children do not have the luxury of this love and support, which adds additional trauma to their lives. This is why the steady support of their caring CASA is vitally important to the child’s long term success.

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